Senior Advisors



Walt McRee, Former Chair, Senior Advisor

Walt McRee was Chair of the PBI Board from 2015 - 2017. He continues to donate his time to PBI by coordinating the monthly coalition and coordinator calls. Prior to becoming Chair, Walt was a Senior Advisor to PBI from its earliest days in early 2011 while also serving as a Director of the Pennsylvania Public Bank Project. Following a career in broadcasting, Walt became a media strategist and consultant, writer, producer, marketing entrepreneur, and voice talent. In these roles, he developed national media campaigns for world hunger, the environment, public broadcasting and the arts. As Founder and CEO of the Alliance for Public Broadcasting, Inc. he pioneered and implemented new fundraising principles and programs for use in public radio and TV stations nationwide. Walt produces and co-hosts the bi-weekly radio program "It's Our Money with Ellen Brown," hosts PBI’s TV program “The Public Bank Solution” and has written and produced a number of videos for PBI.

Through these media initiatives and his work with public banking, Walt intends to expand understanding and public participation in helping transform the dominant paradigms of public policy that prioritize money and power over people and planet. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Geography from Valparaiso University.



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