So this happened...(Finale)

Dear Friend --

After reading my Black Friday shopping drama and round two of the saga, you're probably wondering just how things turned out with my holiday shopping for this year. The answer: I determined to take a new approach...



I was immersed in silence again. Did that just happen? Did I just suggest to my husband that we consciously choose to give value and not products? Did I just suggest that we forgo the search for trinkets this holiday season and instead focus our search on worthwhile organizations to support? Did I really just give up those fabulous, fire-red heels that I was certain would go with every dress I imagined they would? Do I really want to do this? The lure of consumption was pulsing through my veins as I considered backtracking on my own noble declaration.

Just then, my husband commented,

“Perhaps we can pick one gift only and spend the rest of our budget on worthy nonprofits. Let’s focus less on materialism and more on philanthropy.”

Relieved, I replied,

“And let’s let our families know that in lieu of gifts, we would like them to make a donation on our behalf to a grassroots nonprofit working to improve communities.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he said.

The idea of having transformed what started out as a stressful, diminishing experience into one that was devoid of stress and consistent with our values was instantly and deeply gratifying. All it required was a willingness to ask the question:

Is there an alternative to the current state of affairs?

The process itself enabled us to think deeply and creatively about the financial rituals that we so willingly accept as a given and how those same rituals only persist because we allow them to.

There's a lot in store for PBI in 2017:

  • We want to gather a thousand public banking activists, legislators, and experts at our national conference in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • We want to send a team of public banking experts to at least ten communities to conduct financial analysis and deliver customized support.
  • We want to provide a series of online educational sessions for those looking to expand their knowledge of public banking and what it can mean for their community.

Simply put, we want to move the needle on public banking in America and want you to join us in this effort.

A generous donor has offered to match all donations for #GivingTuesday, so your gift will mean double the impact!

We have just two hours to go! Will you help us reach our goal of $5,000 by midnight tonight?

All participants in our 2016 #GivingTuesday campaign will receive a small thank you gift from PBI founder Ellen Brown. In addition, our top two participants will receive a complimentary registration at our 2017 national conference, as well as a feature in our PBI newsletter.

We’re ending the year with a bang and setting the foundation for an even better 2017. We’ve got some major changes in the works and will be getting to those at the beginning of the year.

If you’re a PBI donor, thank you so much! We’re 100% funded by our donors, so you truly mean the world to us. Thanks for keeping our doors open for the past 5 years and counting!

Let's make every effort to get to $5,000 by midnight tonight!



Shara Smith

Chief Operating Officer

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