So this happened... (Part2)

Dear Friends,

This morning, I began sharing details with you about my Black Friday holiday shopping saga. I wish I could say that the ordeal ended with the initial observations I expressed while sitting in the car in the mall parking lot, but it didn't.

Here's part two of that experience...


I sat quietly in the mall parking lot in my car for several moments before mustering the courage to articulate to my husband the most outlandish idea that had just come to me.

I was unwilling to simply ‘suck it up’ and elbow my way back into the store, jockeying for position with neighbors for whatever items remained on the shelves. I’d felt overwhelmed and diminished by the ritual of scavenging for percentage deals and had settled on a question many of us do not ask, but should consider more often:

Is there an alternative to the current state of affairs?

What I settled on was the simplest, yet most radical idea I could have imagined in light of my initial mission in driving to the mall. I turned to my husband and asked,

“What if this year we focused less on buying products and instead invested in worthwhile organizations that need our help? What if that line of people outside the mall was a line of people waiting to donate to a nonprofit working to establish systemic change we can all benefit from?”

I made the statement and then immediately fell silent. I wasn’t sure what this would mean for my husband, for our families, or for those gorgeous, fire-red heels I’d written to Santa about weeks prior.

My husband turned to me and replied, “I love that idea!”

At PBI, our mission is to establish public banks across the country. But we can’t do it without you.

You help us provide EDUCATION to communities interested in pursuing public banking.

You help us advance LEGISLATION that creates alternatives to our current banking system.

You help us promote the IMPLEMENTATION of economic policies that focus on the public interest.

Every step of the way, we’re working together to protect and restore our shared prosperity. At this time of year, when the idea of giving is so commonplace, let’s challenge ourselves to not only give, but to invest.

Please donate today!

We've already raised over $1,000. Will you help us get to $5,000 by midnight tonight?

Click on this link to donate now and stay tuned for round three of my holiday shopping saga!


Shara Smith, Chief Operating Officer


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