Students join Sun Times in endorsing public bank advocate Ameya Pawar for Chicago treasurer

Ald. Ameya Pawar

Chicago city treasurer candidate Ald. Ameya Pawar. Photo courtesy Chicago Sun Times


On March 15, the Chicago Sun Times again enthusiastically endorsed Ameya Pawar for city treasurer in the runoff election April 2, writing, “His advocacy on behalf of ordinary working people is consistent and principled.” Among Pawar’s proposals is a public bank for the city to support affordable housing, offer low-interest student loans and possibly do business with the marijuana industry if recreational pot is legalized (something other banks may be restricted by federal law from doing).

In The University of Chicago’s Chicago Maroon, student Alex Bisnath echoed the endorsement, stating:

This is a bold idea. … If all goes according to Pawar’s plan, the bank would be able to refinance student loans at 5 percent interest. This would motivate college students to stay in the city, while providing them with more spare cash to put back into the economy.”

Bisnath continues: 

“Pawar’s commitment to such bold action makes him worth backing in this election because it suggests an underlying vision of what the office of city treasurer could be: an engine for change within the city of Chicago instead of just an indistinguishable part of the larger bureaucracy. 

“With such ambitious candidates, the position of city treasurer will likely undergo historic change right in front of our eyes ...”

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