PBI Public Banking Strategy Summit

Sunrise Ranch | Loveland, CO

March 10 - 12, 2018


Background and Reference Reading


The following list contians links to useful background materials and references. 

Most of these documents, as well as many others, are also available on the Resources section of our website. 


Read Ellen Brown's welcome letter to attendees.


Creating an infrastructure bank 

Related: The Clear Case for an Infrastructure Bank for MA - Charles Grigsby  


Creating a specific charter for a Public Bank


Addressing the constitutional question


Turning a profit


Understanding how banks create money


Examining models of Public Banking


Understanding pushback to Public Banking


Responding to pushback tactics


Exploring alternatives to FDIC insurance, collateralization, and a Fed master account

(Addressing issues of collateralization requirements and whether we need an account with the Federal Reserve.)


Additional handouts from summit meeting


Media and social media strategy & pro tips

Strategy session overview Media and Social Media - PBI team

Public Bank Social Media pro tips - Carol Ehrle

Creating a Communications Plan for a Sustained Grassroots Campaign - Michelle Mosser


Reference docs from Los Angeles 

Summary of Los Angeles' Chief Legislative Analyst report

Public Bank of LA charter

California Public Banking Alliance

PBLA flyer


Arrivals and Directions


Arrivals at Denver Airport

Hospitality Space at the airport opens at 10:00 am for guests to gather at a common place to await their shuttle to Sunrise Ranch: 

  • Come to Level 5 of the terminal. There will be a "PBI" seating area at the top of the escalator.  


Shuttle Departures from Denver Airport

12:30 First shuttle departs for Sunrise Ranch

2:30 Second shuttle departs for Sunrise Ranch

Shuttle ride is about 75 minutes. 


If you're scheduled to arrive after 2:30, or you have delays, you have several options: 

  1. Wait for the next scheduled Green Ride shuttle (970-658-7611) They leave every 70 minutes. Their booth is on Level 5 of the terminal. 
  2. Call Mimi's Rides to Fly (970-391-1650) and schedule a shuttle to pick you up. 
  3. Rent a car at the airport. 


Driving Directions to Sunrise Ranch

100 Sunrise Ranch Road, Loveland, CO 80538

See diagram below. For printable PDF, click here. For more details, click here


Sunrise Ranch contact

Reception Desk: 970-679-4200


PBI contacts

Cimbria: 315-228-8652


Checking In at Sunrise Ranch

Please make your way to the Pavilion at Sunrise Ranch for check in.

If you arrive after office hours, your accommodation information will be posted on the door of this building. 

If your estimated arrival time is after 6:00pm, please make off-site dinner arrangements before arriving at the Ranch. The after-6:00pm phone number for hospitality is 970.541.8044.


4:00 First session on Saturday

6:00 Dinner


Sunrise Ranch Details


Alcohol and pot policies

Alcohol is allowed, though not provided at the retreat center. Please make arrangements to purchase what you want and bring it with you. There are local stores, and there will be people with cars at the event, though we recommend purchasing any beer, wine, etc before arriving at Sunrise. 

Although we'll be in Colorado, Sunrise is a registered non-profit and must follow federal law. Therefore, if you'd like to partake of cannabis, you'll be directed to areas a short walk off the property where this is permitted. 

Cell service / wifi

AT&T has service in the area. Verizon may work too. Sunrise has wifi throughout the building. If your phone has web-enabled service, you should be okay.

On the road between "Devil's Backbone" and Sunrise there is no service. Please give the Sunrise Ranch main number to your loved ones (970-679-4200) if you're not sure whether your phone will have service. 


There is parking close to the entrance. 


There is Reiki, Massage, Reflexology and Attunement available. Please call the Front Desk to make an appointment. 970.679.4200


Summit Event Details


Journalist policy

If you are a journalist attending, please understand this event is off the record. This is a confidential strategic planning retreat. 

Social media policy

Since this is a confidential strategic planning retreat, we ask attendees to abide by our policy of no livefeeds or social media posting of this event. 

Sharing contact list with attendees

We will be posting a list of attendees on this private event web page. At the end of the event, we will be emailing fellow attendees a contact list with phone numbers and email addresses. If you do not want your name or contact information included, please let Cimbria know:

Daylight Savings Time

We turn our clocks ahead one hour Sunday morning. 


Please bring layers. It could be very cold, warm and / or changeable weather this time of year. 




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