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The list of great American cities which are considering creating their own public banks is growing, including:  Santa Fe, Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Reading....  Check out what's going on!

(This list is NOT complete, these are just some highlights in an update dated November 22, 2014.  Please return for more updates as there is more exciting news to share in the coming days and weeks!)

  • Santa Fe -- the city administration of Mayor Javier Gonzales has formally requested proposals to analyze the costs, impacts and savings that would accompany creation of a public bank for the city; enthusiasm for the idea came as a number of councilmen asked to be added as sponsors of the city bill.  Articulate and visionary Mayor Gonzales was clear and concise about why now is the time for Santa Fe to consider this!
  • Philadelphia -- PBI’s East Coast national symposium “Public Banks for Public Works - Banking on the Common Wealth” was held at the historic Quaker meeting house in the heart of the nation’s first-ever public bank city.  Regional city administrators, a mayor, state elected officials and civic leaders from surrounding states and cities heard Washington Post Columnist Harold Meyerson talk about the change underway within new dynamic city leaderships willing to considering new strategies like public banks to solve chronic municipal problems…  (Check soon at - for video to be posted.)
  • Seattle --  Veteran City Councilman Nick Licata, fresh from the Santa Fe symposium, joins a newly inspired consortium of citizens opening first formal looks at what a Public Bank of Seattle could mean for solving city financial needs. They will hold a public meeting on December 10th with PBI Executive Director Gwen Hallsmith, Dr. Thomas Keidel of Germany’s Sparkhassen, Anders Ibsen, City Councilman from Tacoma and others. 
  • Vermont -- Several months after reclaiming $50 Million of state deposits from Toronto’s TD bank for reinvestment into the state’s economy, Vermont is showing that intermediate steps forward help set the stage of public bank adoption with new momentum generated just from expanding knowledge. 
  • California -- Ellen Brown’s home state is big, but public banking explorations and initiatives are underway from L.A. and San Francisco, to Sacramento and up in the rugged coastal towns and counties to the north.  Ellen’s published analyses of California’s unnecessary financial trauma has now spurred statehouse interest in something they never heard of: public banking!  

Public banking is one of the few alternatives we the vast majority have to transform our economic future.

It’s OUR path to a new prosperity together. We can and must do it, for ourselves and for future generations.  Join us!

Gwendolyn Hallsmith
Executive Director


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