Top Ten Tips

Ten Tips for Advocates

  1. Organize your team and define your agenda

  2. Identify potential allies in your community and elected officials

  3. Do some research and start building your case

  4. Give presentations; build a loyal following

  5. Bring your movement to city hall or the state legislature

  6. Meet with local elected officials:

    • Clearly define what you’re asking them to do

    • Do as much of the work for them as possible

  7. Develop political outreach campaigns to gain endorsements and support:

    • Political organizations

    • Political candidates and officials

    • Labor unions

  8. Develop community outreach campaigns to coalition build and gain endorsements:

    • Community organizations

    • Nonprofits

    • Local grassroots groups

    • Neighborhood councils

  9. Knock on doors — go canvassing

  10. Use art, music, social media, videos to convey your message


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