Video spotlight: Chicago's Ameya Pawar shows how public banks can combat economic inequality

NowThis Ameya Pawar


Although Pawar lost the runoff election for Chicago city treasurer on Tuesday, he did pull in over 40 percent of the vote, an impressive result. He remarked in the Chicago Tribune, “A little over 40 percent of Chicago voted for someone who was running to launch a public bank and pilot universal basic income, and I think we’ve moved the needle on these issues.”

A compelling short video by NowThis on what a public bank could do for the city was viewed by over 108,000 people on Facebook in just 2 weeks. It begins: “‘The biggest threat to our democracy right now is income inequality.’ — This lawmaker wants to launch our nation’s second public bank to serve the interests of the public rather than select wealthy shareholders.”

[watch the video (Facebook)]


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