Re-Imagine Public Education Funding

Check out PBI's new video on re-imagining the funding of public education!  Read more

Matt Stannard, Public Banking, and People's Power Over Money

Marlen Vargas Del Razo talks to Matt Stannard of the Public Banking Institute: What are the principles of Public Banking? How do Public Banks perform in comparison to Private ones? How can money be democratized through Public Banking? How do Public Banks support local economies? Can Public Banks be a stepping stone to providing a Basic Income? Why aren’t there more Public Banks?  Read more

Craig Barnes's Call to Action

The late Craig Barnes, Founder of WeArePeopleHere!, and noted economic and social justice author, speaks at the New Mexico public banking symposium in September 2014. Read more

Ellen Brown: Money, Credit, and Sustainability

We Are People Here! and The Public Banking Institute hosted Banking on New Mexico, A Public Bank Symposium, on September 27, 2014 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Read more

Public Banking: Lifeline for Local Businesses

We Are People Here! and The Public Banking Institute hosted Banking on New Mexico, A Public Bank Symposium. on September 27, 2014, at the Community Convention Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Read more

Public Banking Institute Hosts Discussion on Trans-Pacific Partnership, 2013

The Public Banking Institute has long been facilitating discussions on trade pacts, fast-track authority, and the Trans-pacific partnership for several years.    Read more

Taking Control of Our Money

This is a great introduction to public banking. America has plenty of money--but it's all under the control of private banks. This video uses economic reality, clips from "It's a Wonderful Life," and other methods to bring home the key points that banks create the money they lend, and that the privatization of finance has been a disaster. It explains public banking's potential to lower the costs of funding public goods--because, after all, it's our money.  Read more

The Real Tea Party Begins Here

Based on Ellen Brown's Web of Debt, with additional materials provided by the Public Banking Forum, this video--narrated by Bob Bows--begins with the Boston Tea Party, an uprising that really began because of the British government's efforts to prevent the American colonists from issuing their own money. The video examines Alexander Hamilton's efforts to create the Bank of the United States, and Thomas Jefferson's alarm at the private control of finance. It ends with a well-informed and passionate call for public banking as a way to re-assert state and local independence.  Read more

The Case Against The Bank of Canada: Interview with Plaintiffs' Attorney Rocco Galati

In 2011, the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) and two private citizens sued the Canadian government. The plaintiffs alleged that the Bank of Canada “is the only central bank among the G-8 countries that is a ‘public’ bank created by statute and accountable to the legislative and executive branches of Government.” They also argued that the bank’s secretive dealings and particular accounting practices further undermine the ability of the government to meet its constitutional obligations to provide economic security to the Canadian people. The case is  Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform v. Canada (2014 FC 380), and the plaintiffs' attorney is Rocco Galati. Here, he is interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Read more

Creating a Public Bank

Arizonans for a New Economy's presentation on the strengths of public banks, presented at that organization's January 8, 2015 conference. Read more

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