Public Banking Made Easy

The animated video we produced last year has been widely applauded and shared. However, the narration by a child’s voice turned out to be perhaps a step too far. We’ve made a new recording with a wonderful confidence-inspiring, conversational voice that we hope will encourage many more of you to share. Check it out and thank you for the feedback!

The Public Banking Institute is often asked to explain the concept of public banking in a nutshell. The challenge is to do it in a way that reaches a broad demographic. At its core, however, the idea is simple. We’ve written and produced this video to communicate the core concept in simple terms, showing how public banks can give towns and states more resources to apply to their community needs.

On Contact with Chris Hedges and Michael Hudson: The history of debt forgiveness

In this episode of On Contact, economist and author, Michael Hudson, in his new book …And Forgive Them Their Debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption From Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year, shares with journalist Chris Hedges how Ancient cultures forgave debt cyclically to prevent debt peonage and the rise of an oligarch elite. See minute 22 for Hudson to discuss how Greenbacks were so successful.

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Government debt and money explained

In one of Ellen Brown's favorite videos, some rough but clever animation is used to illustrate how all the money in circulation originally comes from loans from commercial banks. In French with English subtitles.

SF Public Bank PSA

In this new spotlight section, catch up with new videos to share or ones you might have missed. The first one featured is a short Public Service Announcement-type video recently launched by San Francisco Public Bank. Check it out!

Ellen Brown talks public banking, UBI and more on Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight

PBI Chair Ellen Brown talks with razor-sharp wit Lee Camp about how Germany’s national public development bank, KfW, and FDR's Reconstruction Finance Corporation funded massive infrastructure without taxing the people. They also discuss a universal basic income (UBI), Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), debt, and more.

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Public Banking is a game changing solution

The Story of Stuff project put out this short video a few years ago that is just as urgent today. The Story of Solutions explores how we need to reorient ourselves to an entirely new goal if we want to create a just economy. We need to change the point of the “game.”

Public Banking is exactly this kind of “game changing solution.” A Public Bank gives people more power, lessens the wealth gap, and brings democracy to our money. It is time to build the solutions … solutions that will change the entire game.

Bitcoin, Public Banking, Money Is Debt: Lee Camp interviews Walt McRee on Redacted Tonight

Irrepressible host of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp, reached out to former PBI chair Walt McRee to explain how Public Banking is a way we the people can divorce the future of our financial security from the recklessness of Wall Street fraud: 

“You might have noticed that the wealth in this country continues to get sucked to the top ... the Big Banks are bigger than ever before, and they’re using your money to gamble on the stock market. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has shot through the roof. For all these reasons, I wanted to get an expert of banks and money in here to explain things.”

Ellen Brown's interview: Black money projects and the state of the economy

Sarah Westhall, host of the national radio show "Business Game Changers," recently interviewed PBI Chair Ellen Brown to discuss the shape of our economy.

Ellen Brown:

“Every 20 or 30 years we have changed the monetary system. We can and we will change it again. That’s what the Federal Reserve did in 2008 ... they started just lending free money to the banks, which they hadn’t done before, and called it Quantitative Easing. ...

Forum in Oakland brings to light how Public Banks can fund renewable energy

September 25, Friends of Public Bank of Oakland organized a public forum to hear Wolfram Morales of the German Sparkasse (East German Savings Bank Association) explain how Public Banking works in his country to fund renewable energy development. The East Bay Times as well as Oakland North covered the event and connected it to how Public Banks here could do the same thing in the US that Sparkasse do in Germany: offer low-interest rates to companies providing solar and wind resources, driving development.

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Ellen and Walt interviewed about debt, speculation and Public Banks

Last week, Doug McKenty, Mendocino host of The Shift, spoke for an hour with Ellen Brown and Walt McRee about money, debt slavery, the speculative economy and the public banking solution. McKenty describes we live in an economy controlled by central bankers who create money by lending a debt-based fiat currency and charging interest. Ellen and Walt explain how that interest finds its way into the speculative economy for the benefit of the very rich, and how a Public Bank can keep that interest in our communities for the benefit of the people on the street.

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