From Scarcity to Abundance: Re-Imagining Money

Ellen Brown's TEDx talk on public banking.

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Richard Wolff on Public Banking

Professor Wolff talks about the Bank of North Dakota--its history, its usefulness as an alternative to Wall Street banks, and why BND endures today, complete with statistics on BND's success.

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KIRO TV: Seattle Considering Creating Public Bank

December 9, 2014:  KIRO TV in Seattle reports on a gathering of Seattle citizens to explore the creation of a public bank.

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Video - The History of the Bank of North Dakota

The only publicly owned bank in the US, the Bank of North Dakota has an almost 100 year track record of success in supporting economic development and diversification in North Dakota.  This video chronicles its history and value to the state.

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Prosperity for Main Street, Not Wall Street

Published on Jan 29, 2014

Our cities are not broke. They are struggling with onerous interest payments to Wall Street bankers who are nothing but middlemen. These interest payments impoverish your communities, while enriching Wall Street. This video shows how municipalities, counties, universities and states can significantly reduce their interest payments by creating their own public bank. This has already been done and proven, and could cut the costs of public projects by at least half.

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David Cobb - "We the People"

At the 2013 PBI national conference, David Cobb gave a rousing and thought-provoking keynote, titled "We the People."

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Gar Alperovitz Discusses Public Banking

From the 2013 Public Banking National Conference, watch Gar Alperovitz discuss Public Banking and the New Economy.

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Victoria Grant Lays It Out

Victoria Grant, the viral sensation from Canada who wowed the audience at PBI's annual conference in 2012, lays out succinctly what is wrong with our financial system, and how we can fix it.  Her video got over a million hits on YouTube, and enjoyed widespread press - even being written up in Forbes!  Victoria is our hero!

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