Who's the Boss: Still Messing with Mother Nature

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It Won't Be Long Now

Dec. 8th, 2016

It’s not “Doom and Gloom” to focus on the impending changes to our planet being caused by our prevailing economic systems. The interrelationship of planetary health and our expansive, consumptive lifestyles is well known and too long ignored -- it now appears the window of opportunity to get them aligned toward sustainability is closing quickly. Ellen’s guest Gar Alperovitz of the Next System Project discusses how some of these changes are emerging and what’s needed to move forward more quickly. Then Walt talks with Dr. Philip Clayton of EcoCiv, on an effort to marry the philosophical roots of civilization with the reality of our ecology, and their practical laboratories of discovering how all this fits together.  Yes, money is involved in all of this… Listen HERE.


Who's the Boss: Still Messing with Mother Nature

Dec. 28th, 2016

When in the course of human events we lose sight of who’s really in charge, trouble looms. Western civilization has upended the natural order by placing itself above the true power in our world, Mama Nature. But now the arrogance of the Money Tribe has gone too far and we’re losing our lease on our happy home. We hear from some ancient and elderly wisdom sources, first from a Mohawk teacher and linguist and later from one of our own elders, Noam Chomsky. We also talk with Gwen Hallsmith of Global Community Initiatives who just returned from the World Water Summit in Hungary where global capital is salivating over a new investment opportunity bigger than oil: water!  Still messing with Mother Nature… Listen HERE.


It´s Our Money with Ellen Brown

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