An eventful year for Public Banking! Important year ahead! Year-end report from PBI Board retreat

171205_ellen_nichoe_ann_retreat_1026.jpgReporting from Seattle, Ellen Brown, Nichoe Lichen, Ann Tulintseff at our annual Board Meeting Nov 11 & 12th 2017.

A major shift in 2017! Here's an update from PBI’s Board:

2017 saw a major shift in public banking. After years of educational outreach and tireless work by PBI (including past board members who have broken off to form their own groups), elected officials across the country are now holding serious discussions about what it would take to set up their own public banks. Newsletter readers have had a front seat in watching all this unfold. 

At last year’s retreat, the PBI board set the goal of seeing five public banks well on their way to being chartered by 2020. This year, PBI focused its budget toward getting that done. In late 2016, we received some generous donations to help make this all happen. Contributions have been down in 2017, but energy has been way up! We’re hoping you will continue your much appreciated support. You can make a year-end contribution at

Huge strides forward this year: 

Today, the following states and cities are moving forward quickly toward establishing a Public Bank. PBI has been fortunate to make presentations, meet with legislators, or provide guidance and resources to almost all of these efforts: 

  • Los Angeles
  • Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond
  • San Francisco
  • State of California
  • Santa Fe
  • Washington D.C.
  • Seattle 
  • State of Washington
  • State of New Jersey* (*NJ's new Governor-Elect Phil Murphy supports Public Banks, so the State could move forward soon.)

Here is what we have added and are planning for 2018:

Suzanne O’Keeffe, our communications coordinator, is putting the words “public banking” on the lips of people across the country. 

  • Your weekly newsletter has had a makeover and is now not only visually appealing but is focused on the real Public Banking progress being made across the country. More improvements to come.
  • Short educational videos? — In production now!
  • Ditto on an improved, more useful website, where you can find all the information you need!
  • Social media, blanketed!

Cimbria Badenhausen is there to respond quickly to your request when you need help or have an idea. 

  • She’s also helping with a lot of the important administrative tasks that allow a non-profit to run smoothly.
  • Contact her anytime at if you have a burning question.

Technical support? Absolutely. It’s a 24/7 job that keeps us very busy.

Education and Public Banking support? Yes! Sign up for our monthly Coalition calls here. Though Walt McRee is no longer on the Board, he is still doing a fine job hosting these calls for PBI. Ellen Brown and Nichoe Lichen are on the line too.

PBI is also committed to providing support for Public Banking organizations who host conferences, seminars and informational meetings. 

PBI is hosting an educational and organizational retreat in early 2018 for the hard-working Public Banking groups across the country. If you have ideas for a great location — reasonably priced, including meals, lodging and easy access for folks from across the country — please contact or call 315-228-8652.

You helped make all this happen with your commitment and generosity. Hold on to your hats. 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for Public Banking!

Thanks and season’s greetings from the Board,

Ellen, Ann, Nichoe, Pam

PS: Thank you for considering to support our work with a year-end gift.

You can make a year-end contribution at this link, by emailing, or calling 315 228 8652.

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