Mar 29, 2018.

Former PBI Chair Walt McRee joins Margaret Flowers, MD and Keven Zeese on their Clearing the Fog podcast show to discuss the Public Banking movement.

“Money moves the world. Banking moves money.” — Walt McRee

“Public Banks exist around the world. They are used to hold public dollars, such as taxes and fees, to keep the money local so it serves the public interest, instead of giving it to Wall Street banks who charge high fees and interest rates. There is only one public bank so far in the United States, the Bank of North Dakota. It has been in existence for almost 100 years. Now, thanks to the work of the Public Banking Institute, there is a vibrant movement to create more public banks in the U.S. at the city and state level. We speak with Walt McRee and John Comerford about the reasons to support public banks, how they would serve people instead of Wall Street profits and current efforts across the country.”

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