Feb 14, 2019.

In this new spotlight section, catch up with new videos to share or ones you might have missed. The first one featured is a short Public Service Announcement-type video recently launched by San Francisco Public Bank. Check it out!

More coverage of SF’s recent steps toward a public bank appeared in the SF Weekly as Ida Mojadad writes:

“The resolution clarifies that it doesn’t  commit the city to specifics of a public bank. Still, it’s not often that the Board of Supervisors unanimously co-sponsors legislation and doing so for a publicly-owned bank sends a strong message that San Francisco is serious about the transformation.”

Mojadad continues:

“In Sacramento, they really are eager and curious to know what stance San Francisco is going to take on this,” said Sushil Jacobs, a task force member who works with the California Public Banking Alliance. “We’re looking to pass legislation and counties to pursue charters to pass their own legislation.”

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