Photo Caption: Rampion offshore windfarm, United Kingdom. Photo by Nicholas Doherty.

Feb 21, 2019.

In this week’s It’s Our Money podcast, PBI Chair Ellen Brown talks with renowned expert on monetary systems Bob Hockett. He has become a leading voice for the emerging Green New Deal in his advisory role for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Co-host Walt McRee describes the episode:

Affording the Future We Must Pursue

Time is running out for many of our stressed social, economic and environmental systems. We need to make big changes to address our biggest challenges quickly. But can we afford to fix issues like unsustainable debt, crumbling infrastructures, environmental deterioration and the political tyranny of special interests? In this edition, we feature a full-length conversation between Ellen and Professor Bob Hockett, a leading voice for the emerging Green New Deal and a consultant to the political players working it through Congress. Bob is a renowned expert on monetary systems and consultant for the Fed, IMF and other authorities. This is a far-ranging conversation not to be missed.

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