Photo Caption: Photo by ljphillips34.

Mar 7, 2019.

Last spring, public banking advocates in Virginia reached out to the Public Banking Institute to find out more about how to create a public bank in their state. Less than a year later, they have not only launched the Bank of Virginia Act Campaign, aimed at creating a public bank in Virginia in 2020, but also have secured the support of five candidates: three candidates for Virginia House of Delegates, one for State Senate, and one for City Council in Charlottesville.

The Campaign aims to create an economically sustainable and socially responsible Virginia. Founder Austin Sachs says, “we’ve been working more behind the scenes, and hope to begin the larger public push starting the end of this month or next. We hope to be able to announce at least one new candidate in support each week.” The Campaign website states:

“The Bank of Virginia Act will decrease Virginia’s financing and banking costs, while supporting and investing in socially responsible ventures!”

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