Bank of North Dakota 100-yr anniversary Gov. Burgum

Photo caption: Photo courtesy Gov. Doug Burgum

The Bismarck Tribune reports that the Bank of North Dakota’s 100-Year Anniversary celebration on Monday was a grand success. The Tribune quoted Gov. Doug Burgum, who noted the curiosity and a “tinge of jealousy” from other states:

“They see the agility we have and the ability that we have to do many things in North Dakota that they can’t.”

Watch the livestream videos (Facebook link) to learn all about the Nonpartisan League’s remarkable success in 1919 — including the vital importance of the League’s women’s clubs — as well as BND’s role in the community today. Speakers include Gov. Doug Burgum and other elected officials, as well as guest speakers who bring to life the BND’s rich history with vivid tales heard from their families. One was told by former Agricultural Commissioner Sarah Vogel:

“In Minnesota they tarred and feathered North Dakota organizers to drive them out of town. A.C. Townley was jailed for 6 months on the accusation of sedition. … Federal Judge Amadon said, ‘The day in the United States when people who try to change the system can be arrested and jailed for trying to improve it, it’s just not American.’ … It was a major miracle that they took control.

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[Watch the livestream videos]

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