Gary Peterson at BND 100th Anniversary Celebration

BND 100 Year Celebration

Bank of North Dakota's 100 Year Celebration LIVE ? at 11:15 a.m.

Posted by Bank of North Dakota on Monday, July 29, 2019


Gary Peterson, a North Dakota community banker who chairs the BND’s Advisory Board, describes the value of the BND to his community bank in this speech (Facebook link) from its 100-year anniversary celebration :

A community thrives because of a strong bank. A strong bank thrives because of a strong community. As a community banker, we often need a partner [due to the] size of the deal, the complexity, or needing additional expertise. We call upon the Bank of North Dakota, and we call upon them a LOT.

“[Without BND], I guarantee you the other options wouldn’t allow for simply picking up a telephone and actually talking to a person, or saying, ‘Can you be in New Town tomorrow afternoon? We have this deal … ’ And they’ll be there. We lined up a meeting with a potential customer in a small town and we called BND and asked, ‘Can somebody from the Bank be there? We know we’re going to need you?’ And they said, ‘Yeah not only one of us, but two of us will be there.’”

[Watch the video (Facebook) (this speech starts at 32:20. Video also includes speeches from BND President/CEO Eric Hardmeyer, Governor Doug Burgum, and Historian Mike Jacobs)]

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