Zoom call

Photo courtesy Zoom.

Please forward this message to your public officials and staff and ask them to register for these monthly meetings. The meetings will provide both the information and support lawmakers need to move public banking forward.

Interest in public banking is at an all-time high among elected officials who are seeing the real opportunities a public-centered banking system will have to transform the lives of the communities they serve. As more legislation is considered and introduced, more lawmakers are wanting in-depth information to help them get up to speed. They have specific questions such as how to articulate specific potential benefits, or how to navigate common issues that surface as bills wind through committees. The Public Banking Institute is responding to this need by launching a monthly video conference call discussion (via Zoom) limited to elected officials and staff from around the country that will provide in-depth overviews and delve into the nuts and bolts of starting a public bank.

Register for these monthly calls here. (Email address used to register must be associated with their role as an elected official or staff member.)

The first call will be Friday Oct 4 at 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT.

The calls are private. Recordings will be uploaded to Soundcloud and available only to registrants.

[Register here]