California coast

Photo by Iris Papillon

In the latest It’s Our Money podcast, released at the end of last week, Walt McRee and Ellen Brown talk with Marc Armstrong and Susan Harman, two of the key advocates behind California’s AB 857; Ellen talks with economist Richard C. Cook; and Walt talks with North Dakota historian Mike Jacobs. Walt introduces the episode:

California gets it rolling

As global climate strikes continue around the world this week, California has passed breakthrough legislation that sanctions municipal public banks to serve as public administration entities, a development with wide repercussions across the country. We talk with a couple of the citizen leaders, Marc Armstrong and Susan Harman, who were pivotal drivers of the effort, and what they think it means for the movement. Then Ellen speaks with an author and former US Treasury economist, Richard C. Cook, about why the extractive domination of private banks over the totality of civic life must be taken down if we wish to have an economy that works for all. Finally, we have another talk with Bank of North Dakota historian Mike Jacobs about why that bank has managed to avoid corruption and remain a robust example of why banks should be owned by the people.

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