California palm trees

Photo by Corey Agopian

Headlines convey the enormous impact of last week’s signing of the Public Banking Act in California:

The American Prospect, David Dayen: A Century in the Making

Real News Network, Dharna Noor interviews David Jette: California Legalizes Public Banking*

Common Dreams, Jake Johnson: ‘Stunning Rebuke to Predatory Wall Street Megabanks’ as California Gov. Signs Law Allowing Creation of Public Banks*

Cowboys on the Commons, Matt Stannard: California’s New Public Banking Law: Joy and Cautious Optimism

Los Angeles Times, James F. Peltz: Public banks can be formed in California: Newsom signs new law*

Sacramento Bee, Sophia Bollag: California cities could open their own public banks under new law meant to fund housing*

The Guardian, Mario Koran: California just legalized public banking, setting the stage for more affordable housing*

Banking Dive, Ana Hrushka: California law allows cities, counties to create public banks*

Yes! Magazine, Ananya Garg: California Just Legalized Public Banks. Will the Rest of the Nation Follow Suit?*

USA Herald, Marivic Cabural Summers: California Governor Signs Bill Allowing the Establishment of Public Banks*

* Note: Legal analyses have concluded it was legal for cities and regions to form public banks prior to the signing of AB 857. The Public Banking Act created uniform requirements for chartering city and county owned banks in California.