Carlos Marroquin David Jette Thomas Greco

The latest podcast episode of It’s Our Money connects with Carlos Marroquin and David Jette, two key grassroots advocates behind the success of California’s AB 857, as well as monetary theorist Thomas Greco:

California Dreaming Becomes Reality

In a remarkable exercise of democratic will and persistence, public banking advocates in California have succeeded in creating a pathway for creation of municipal public banks.  “This is a grassroots effort and it has to stay that way,” says our guest David Jette of the CA Public Banking Alliance. David goes into more detail about how this law will facilitate creation of new public banks, while another of his colleagues, Carlos Marroquin, shares why he got involved in the first place, motivated in part by a personal experience with corrupt banking practices. Ellen’s featured guest is Thomas Greco, a monetary theorist, author and professor who sees the only hope for escaping the tyranny of the global banking cartel to be creation of local currencies built on personal relationships and community economies.

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