Zach Krumm Bozeman MT

City Commission candidate Zach Krumm. Photo by Rachel Leathe, courtesy Boseman Daily Chronicle.

Zach Krumm, a 30-year-old affordable housing advocate, is running for city commission in Bozeman, Montana, on a platform promoting a public bank. Krumm explains to journalist Katheryn Houghton in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that the city of 43,000 could save money on needed affordable housing projects and other future needs by creating its own public bank.

Krumm’s enthusiasm is shared by three city council candidates in nearby Aurora, Colorado who are proposing a municipal bank for their city. Tax attorney Michael Westerberg wrote a letter to the editor in the Sentinel Colorado praising their initiative:

“We have candidates like Bryan Lindstrom, Alison Coombs, and Juan Marcano that understand this opportunity to be fiscally responsible with Aurora’s tax dollars, while maximizing their impact where they are most needed: our communities. That’s the kind of innovative thinking we need to fix our everyday problems.”

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