Baltimore Devonshire Los Angeles Danlil Vnoutchkov

Left: Canton Waterfront Promenade, Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by Devonshire. Right: Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles. Photo by Danlil Vnoutchkov.

What could a public bank do for your city and how can grassroots groups make it happen? The latest It’s Our Money podcast gathers insights from both coasts. Co-host Walt McRee introduces the episode:

Forces of Nature: Principles, Passion and People Power

With focused minds, persistent hearts and no money, residents of California overcame one of the most powerful financial and political lobbies in the state to win the legislative battle that has codified creation of municipal banks in the world’s fifth largest economy. Trinity Tran, a founding leader of the California Public Banking Alliance, talks with Ellen Brown about what it took to achieve the surprising victory which has opened the door for creation of municipal public banks in California and around the country. How would such a bank impact an historic American city like Baltimore? A recent study suggests that the opportunities are many, unique and deserve serious study. Our guest Dr. Sean Vanatta authored the report and talks with co-host Walt McRee about its recommendations.

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