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Photo by Nikolay Frolochkin, courtesy Jefferson Public Radio.

Several recent podcasts feature a few of the core advocates with California Public Banking Alliance who brought about the success of the Public Banking Act:

Jefferson Public Radio talks with Sushil Jacob of CPBA and David Cobb of Cooperation Humboldt, its North Coast affiliate.

Janine Jackson interviews Trinity Tran of CPBA and Public Bank LA for an episode of CounterSpin published in Truthout:

Tran: “This is a very exciting step for California, and is potentially going to shift the national conversation behind finance. What we’re doing is reenvisioning what finance is; it can be something that helps rather than harms our communities. We’re redirecting the flow of money. Instead of our taxpayer dollars going to Wall Street banks, who then leverage our funds to finance private prisons and immigrant detention centers and fossil fuel projects, we’re able to circulate that money back into our local economies, to actually address things that we need in California, such as affordable housing and green energy infrastructure and small business loans.”

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