CPBA webinar

California Public Banking Alliance leaders Trinity Tran and Sushil Jacob recently presented an illuminating webinar hosted by NextCity journalist Oscar Perry Abello describing how they organized teams of citizen lobbyists and more than 180 organizations to take their Public Banking Act from concept to law. Tran is lead organizer and co-founder of CPBA. Jacob is the senior attorney for economic justice at the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area (LCCR), co-founding member of CPBA, and co-chair of its legislative committee.

In a companion NextCity article, Abello profiles several key organizers and elected officials working to make a San Francisco public bank a reality. He quotes Jacqueline Fielder, co-founder of the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition:

“None of us knew anything about banking to begin with, but we haven’t let Wall Street gaslight us into thinking that this is impossible. North Dakota showed a hundred years ago that it was possible, and they did it without fintech, they did it as grain farmers in arguably a very difficult era.”

Abello quotes Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer:

“I know as a legislator I have to create legislation, but I can’t do it alone, it takes a whole group of people who are saying we can do better with our money.”

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