Ellen Brown year end message

It’s not too late! Your donation now invests in building public banks for our collective future.


PBI Chair Ellen Brown’s year end video message speaks to the reason we do our work: future generations deserve a world free of the mountains of debt that now crush communities to fatten Wall Street. Today’s children deserve to grow up in neighborhoods that thrive from local investment, instead of those literally crumbling from lack of financial resources.

Your year-end donation now will help us build that public bank future for our nation.


As the public banking movement grows, advocates from all corners of the country reach out to PBI for resources, expertise, guidance, and vision. We know we have a real immediate challenge to inform the general public of how a public bank works and how it can benefit their lives before Wall Street inundates the airwaves with negative press. We need to develop explanatory videos, create infographics, write articles and newsletters, hold media events, and organize conferences and town hall meetings to make the value of public banking common knowledge nationwide.

We also need to move now to inform the conversation at the federal level. We must go to the politicians, so they know the time is now to address the power of the Fed and turn it into a public utility.

We’ve had great success this year with our communications and advocacy efforts. We’ve answered countless technical questions, brought solid expertise to hundreds of meetings, and weighed in on strategic planning with advocates and elected officials alike. Our videos have had thousands of views worldwide. Our newsletters reach thousands of readers each week.

We need your help now to seize this opportunity. Please make a year-end donation today.


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