Tyson Slocum, Kevin Zeese

Photo: Tyson Slocum and Kevin Zeese.

The latest episode of the It’s Our Money podcast talks with Kevin Zeese and Tyson Slocum about the illegal lengths the monetary interests will go to to achieve their goals.

Another Look Behind the Curtain

Two recent developments provide another look at how powerful monetary interests play their game. One is the CIA-driven coup to unseat Venezuela’s legitimate government in order to take control of that rich nation’s assets, and the other is a “Laundromat”-styled offshore scam by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase to capture energy markets. Our guests are attorney-activist Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance, who is facing threat of jail time for actions defending the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, and Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen, whose recent research exposed 61 fake off-shore companies set-up by Goldman Sachs to circumvent regulators.

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