Wall Street challenger Robert Bye

Photo by Robert Bye.

Headlines from the explosion of news about public banking and the economy:

Public banking

Colorado is in a health and financial crisis. A public bank is a solution. | Earl Staelin Colorado Independent

Public banks would get resources faster to those who need them the most | Mark K. Cassell, The Plain Dealer

The people’s bank of California? | Chris Petlock, Sonoma Valley Sun

America’s One Public Bank Is Number One in Saving Small Businesses | Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect

Rethinking the Fed | Graham Steele, The Hill


States Scramble For More Cash To Cover Soaring Unemployment Claims | Sarah Hansen, Forbes

Some 42% Of Jobs Lost In Pandemic Are Gone For Good | Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes

Treasury Growth Dividends | Robert Hockett, Forbes

What To Make Of Community QE – Look Now To New York | Robert Hockett, Forbes

The Future is Public: Towards Democratic Ownership of Public Services | editors: Satoko Kishimoto, Lavinia Steinfort, Olivier Petitjean

Cork councillor says local currency could ‘complement the euro’ as city recovers from COVID-19 crisis | Stephen McNeice, NewsTalk

The fastest way to address income inequality? Implement a real time payment system | Aaron Klein, Brookings

Forget Checks, How About Giving Everyone A Federal Reserve Account? | Andrew Cockburn, The American Conservative