Graham Steele, Robert Hockett

Guests on this episode of It’s Our Money are Graham Steele and PBI Advisory Board Member Dr. Robert Hockett.

Rethinking the Fed, Payment Systems and Vaccine Speculation

After 100+ years, it’s high time we give serious thought to how well our central bank is meeting its objectives of stabilizing the banking system, ensuring employment levels and keeping a lid on inflation. The report card is not good. Today’s guest Graham Steele, Director of Stanford’s Corporations and Society Initiative, talks with Ellen about the many ways the Fed has taken on a much more expansive role of salvaging financial markets while avoiding Main Street economic concerns. Dr. Robert Hockett describes his “Inclusive Value Ledger” (IVL) concept that would create a public payment system and give everyone access to a digital wallet. And Ellen talks about the speculative rush to get a COVID vaccine to market without proper safety precautions.

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