Town Halls July 2020

In virtual Town Halls hosted by the Public Banking Institute and local grassroots organizations in Connecticut on July 15 and Southern California on July 22, panelists will examine how a public bank could become a real financial lifeline to communities struggling with the COVID-19 crises. Public banks have been shown to respond more rapidly, effectively and equitably to crises than privately-owned banks.

Connecticut  |  July 15, 6:00–9:00pm ET  |  Co-hosted by The Sanctuary and Harris Management Services LLC | Panelists include Ellen Brown, Walt McRee, and Dr. Amara Enyia | View Livestream event here. More details in the Facebook event.

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California  |  July 22, 6:00–9:00pm PT  |  Co-hosted by the Tri-Cities Public Banking Study Group | Panelists include Walt McRee and local elected officials | Register here. More details in the Facebook event.

Watch for more PBI Town Halls in coming weeks.