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Headlines from the latest explosion of news about public banking and the economy:

Public banking

The Case for Public Banks, Letter to the Editor in response to What Does It Really Mean to Invest In Black Communities? | PBI Board Member Dennis J. Ortblad, The Nation

California needs a public bank to help economy recover from COVID-19 | CA Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, Cal Matters

‘Fast, simple, easy’: Bank of North Dakota boosts coronavirus business aid | Jack Dura, The Bismarck Tribune

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap | Mehrsa Baradaran, New York University Law Review

Let the Banks Go Under and Put Money Into the Real Economy | Michael Hudson, Ellen Brown (transcript of It’s Our Money podcast), Counterpunch

Could a State-Owned Bank Help Strengthen California’s Recovery Efforts? | Oscar Perry Abello, Next City

Santa Cruz explores regional public banking formation | Jessica York, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Help people now, but build for the future | Paul Hodes, Concord Monitor

New Jersey needs a public bank – fast | Brandon Castro, NJ.com

Yana Ludwig, Democrat for US Senate | Wyoming News


COVID-19: The Great Reset | World Economic Forum

This pandemic has exposed the uselessness of orthodox economics | Jonathan Aldred, The Guardian

Tepper, Einhorn, Soros Stock Holdings Would Go Dark in SEC Plan | Miles Weiss, Benjamin Bain, and Hema Parmar, Bloomberg

Richard Wolff: The Crash IS Coming! What To Watch For | Julianna Forlano, ActTV

Only bold state intervention will save us from a future owned by corporate giants | Joe Guinan and Martin O’Neill, The Guardian

Racial & Ethnic Economic Inequality and the COVID-19 Pandemic | Thomas Hanna, The Democracy Collaborative

Banks Stand To Make $18 Billion in PPP Processing Fees from CARES Act | Bryce Covert, The Intercept