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Headlines from the latest explosion of news about public banking and the economy:

Public banking

3 Ways Postal Banking Could Help Save Our COVID-Ravaged Economy | Casey Bond, HuffPost

Public Banks: How states can establish public banks to democratize capital, build resiliency, and better leverage state funds for public purposes | Michael Brennan & Macabe Keliher, Democracy Policy Network

Use the post office as a banking lifeline | Will Flagle, The Next System Project

JPMorgan Chase reportedly had talks about putting banks inside USPS locations | Thornton McEnery, New York Post

House passes appropriations amendment to fund postal banking | Hannah Lang, American Banker


Should the U.S. privatize the Postal Service? | Dwight Evans, The Philadelphia Inquirer

The End of Housing as We Know It  | The New Republic

The Recession Is About to Slam Cities. Not Just the Blue-State Ones. | Emily Badger and Quoctrung Bui, The New York Times

‘A New Deal that works for all of us’ is the Appalachian call for an alternative future | Anya Litvak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Want your next stimulus check faster? Congress needs to change just one line of law | Aaron Klein, Brookings

BlackRock’s Ex-Central Bankers Have Bold Vision to Beat Recession | Brian Chappatta, Bloomberg Opinion (Aug 2019)