Wall Street challenger Robert Bye

Photo by Robert Bye.

Headlines from the latest explosion of news about public banking and the economy:

Public banking

The U.S. Needs Banking-As-a-Public-Service | Nik Milanovic, Forbes

After the Coronavirus Pandemic, Let Public Banks Lead the Rebuilding | Sylvia Chi and Sushil Jacob, Nonprofit Quarterly

Postal Banking: Brought to You by JPMorgan Chase? | Raúl Carrillo, Inequality.org

Would Postal Banking Save the Post Office? | Lisa Rowan, Forbes

Attacks on Post Office Aim to Destroy Democracy | Mark Lloyd, SheerPost

Advocates say a Philly public bank could be key to addressing systemic racism | Darryl C. Murphy, WHYY

Thinking Long Term During Virginia’s Special Session | Nick Rathod, Blue Virginia

How Europe can defend itself against US economic sanctions | Jonathan Hackenbroich, European Council on Foreign Relations

Save the US Postal Service and Defend the Vote! | Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch


The Corona Credit Binge Is Dominated by the Biggest Companies | Cecile Gutscher, Bloomberg

Jobless claims preview: Another 840,000 Americans likely filed new unemployment claims last week | Emily McCormick, Yahoo! Finance

During pandemic, more workers being replaced by robots, new study finds | Christian Hetrick, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Forced Automation” by COVID-19? Early Trends from Current Population Survey Data | Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Germany Seizes on Demand for Green Debt With $7.7 Billion Debut | John Ainger and Jill Ward, Bloomberg

Long Beach Council Starts Path Towards Universal Basic Income Pilot | Hayley Munguia, The Grunion

New York’s MTA Becomes Second to Tap Fed as Banks Demand Higher Yields | Amanda Albright and Danielle Moran, Bloomberg

Reports to Congress Pursuant to Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act in response to COVID-19 | Federal Reserve

Philadelphia to temporarily block landlords from enforcing evictions | Ryan Briggs, WHYY

California wealth tax could become first of its kind in US under new proposal | Kathleen Pender, San Francisco Chronicle

Mortgage Delinquencies Spike Due To COVID-19: What To Do If You Can’t Pay Your Loan | Natalie Campisi, Forbes

From relief to despair, one Pa. family struggles with the ambiguity of federal eviction ban | Charlotte Keith, Spotlight PA

Coronavirus leads to furloughs of hundreds of school employees | Chris English, Bucks County Courier Times

Latinos, immigrants among those bearing the brunt of the pandemic | Anthony Orozco, WITF

Have You Noticed How Push-Back Against Powell-Fed’s Actions Is Getting Louder in the Mainstream Media, from NPR to CNBC? | Wolf Richter, Wolf Street

The Impact of Covid-19 on Small Business Owners | Robert W. Fairlie, National Bureau of Economic Research

China to Expand Testing of a Digital Currency | Eva Xiao, Wall Street Journal