Trinity Tran

Photos by Carlos Marroquin.

In early September, our friend, ally and tireless public banking advocate Trinity Tran tragically fell and plummeted 72 feet while she was hiking alone at Switzer Falls, Angeles National Forest. As PBI Board member Carlos Marroquin reports, Trinity was airlifted to the Pasadena Memorial ICU in critical condition. She suffered a spinal cord injury for which she had multiple surgeries. She fortunately stabilized and improved. Over this past weekend Trinity was released from the hospital and was transferred into a rehabilitation facility to help her gain mobility and learn to walk again. Once the facility releases her, she’ll be sent home for recovery and outpatient physical therapy for approximately six months.

Trinity is a well known leader in the public banking movement and is co-founder of Public Bank Los Angeles and the California Public Banking Alliance. Most recently, her voice, advocacy and leadership were fundamental to the success of the historic Public Banking Act, AB857. She is also a leader in other efforts to help our communities. From day one of the pandemic, Trinity was on the frontlines coordinating food distribution in the Southland with Urban Partners Los Angeles, the largest food bank in the city, operating in one of its densest and poorest areas. Since the pandemic, it has distributed close to three million pounds of food.

If you would like to support Trinity, a GoFundMe has been set up to help cover the costs involved in her recovery.