PBI LIVE replays

PBI LIVE Ep1: Postal banks to the rescue! YouTubeFacebookTwitter With PBI Chair Ellen Brown and Mehrsa Baradaran, UC Irvine Law Professor, postal banking expert, and PBI Advisory Board member. Carlos Marroquin, PBI Board Member and Chief Shop Steward of the National Association of Letter Carriers, introduced the conversation.

PBI LIVE Ep2: Public banks vs. redlining. YouTubeFacebookTwitter With engineer and entrepreneur Brian Rice and Dr. Amara Enyia, founder of the Institute for Cooperative Economics and Economic Innovation and PBI Advisory Board Member.

PBI LIVE Ep3: The Fed vs. the States. YouTubeFacebookTwitter With Prof. Robert Hockett, Michael Brennan, and Ellen Brown.

PBI LIVE Ep4: After the Fires: Recovery & Public Banks. YouTubeFacebookTwitterWith Ellen Brown and Santa Cruz advocate Rafa Sonnenfeld.