Erik Hardmeyer NYS Town Hall

On January 28, the Public Banking Institute partnered with New York State Senator James Sanders, Jr. and Assemblymember Victor Pichardo to present a Town Hall that spotlighted the success of the Bank of North Dakota, currently the only state-owned bank in the continental U.S. Guests included BND President Eric Hardmeyer, who gave a detailed overview of the unique benefits the state of North Dakota has experienced from its state public bank.

[Eric Hardmeyer segment – watch the replay]

In a second segment of the same NYS Town Hall, citizen volunteers — VN Alexander, Madeline Chang and Joseph Sackman — made a strong presentation on the power of public banking.

[Citizen volunteers presentation – watch the replay]

In a third segment, President Hardmeyer took questions from elected officials who support the current NYS bills to create a state-owned bank and facilitate the formation of municipal public banks.

[Q&As – watch the replay]

[Watch the complete Town Hall]