Baltimore webinar

Tomorrow afternoon. April 10, the public is invited to join PBI Chair Ellen Brown, PBI Chair Emeritus Walt McRee, PBI Board Member Michael Brennan, and Alanna Hartzok from the Earth Rights Institute, for an interactive webinar. Hosted by the Henry George School of Social Science, the webinar will focus first on how the war system grows out of inequities and injustice in our land tenure, tax, and money systems. Presenters will then consider how the City of Baltimore can bounce back to prosperity by building a peace and justice economy.

This unprecedented conversation will consider how fundamental reforms of the land, tax, and banking system can revive Baltimore’s economy to better enable the production of affordable housing, high quality locally grown food, and sufficient public finance to pay for parks, schools, libraries, transportation and other needed public goods and services.

David Swanson, Executive Director, World BEYOND War
Jean L. Athey, Executive Director, Maryland PeaceAction
Michael Brennan, Board Member, Public Banking Institute

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