It's Our Money Chuck Collins

The Wealth Hoarders

Would you trade considerable inherited wealth to address the expansive systemic inequities generated by our financial system? Our guest Chuck Collins did just that. He has written a book on how dynasties of private wealth have secreted trillions of dollars in offshore assets by obscuring accounts and creating other types of subterfuge that are served by an extensive and exclusive professional category Collins calls “the wealth defense industry.” His new book The Wealth Hoarders raises deep questions about the impact of extreme wealth on our economy and democracy.

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It's Our Money Anton Chaitkin

Who We Are

It takes a comprehensive historical understanding to grasp the true social and economic dynamics that got America started as an independent nation. Global imperialist interests 250 years ago, like today, wanted more than to just retain their wealth; they wanted to lock in oligarchic control. Our guest Anton Chaitkin’s new book Who We Are – America’s Fight for Universal Progress, from Franklin to Kennedy digs deeply into the historical realities which presaged the inequality struggles of today, namely the fight for the rights of humanity over the power of privilege and money. Ellen has an engaging full-length conversation with Chaitkin in this edition of our program.

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